An investor is any person who commits capital with the expectation of receiving financial returns. Investors utilize investments in order to grow their money and/or provide an income during retirement, such as with an annuity.

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Why Invest Through Us?

We are the best Investment Advisory company in Delhi,NCR. We perform technical and/or fundamental analysis to determine favourable investment opportunities, and generally prefer to minimize risk while maximizing returns. Our top most priority is maximizing our client returns.Think Aide uses a transparent, convenient and efficient system to facilitate these loans.Investors at Think Aide have access to wide range of borrowers with varied risk profiles, giving them an opportunity to create diverse portfolios.

All borrowers at Think Aide undergoes a rigorous financial, personal, professional, and a social background check that is performed through the use of sophisticated technology and machine learning algorithms.

Options for Investing

A wide variety of investment options exist in market are (but not limited to) stocks, bonds, commodities, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), options, futures, foreign exchange, gold, silver, retirement plans and real estate.

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The process of investing in borrowers is fairly simple and streamlined.

  • Registration : Register your personal and professional details on ThinkAide. We do basic checks on the information provided and find the best investing options.
  • Account activation : ThinkAide verifies the information provided and activates your account with ThinkAide.
  • Investing Option and Borrowers : Once your account active then our consultant tell you about the best investing options as per your provide information and tell you about the different borrowers.
  • Deal close and agreement signing : Investors can negotiate and close deals with individual borrowers and ThinkAide facilitates the agreement signing.
  • EMI payments : All borrowers are encouraged to issue standing instructions in favour of their investors to make monthly payments easy and paperfree.
  • After loan disbursement : ThinkAide intervenes for any delayed monthly payments and investors even have an option to engage an RBI registered recovery agency through ThinkAide in case of major defaulters.

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