ThinkAide is an online platform, which gets credit worthy borrowers and willing investors together to transact on short to long term Secured and Unsecured loans.

ThinkAide goes beyond conventional forms of risk analysis of the borrower in order to serve a broader user base. Banks typically look at CIBIL or other credit bureau scores to make loan decisions. ThinkAide takes into account data points to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower such as net salary, expenditure trends, locality of stay, educational qualification, utility and mobile bills, asset holding, Investments, Credit card bills and online spending behaviour etc. This approach ensures that individuals with a less favourable CIBIL score are also likely to get a loan through our platform if they are credit worthy as our platform generates a more holistic credit profile of the borrower.

ThinkAide offers borrowers with the convenience to getting loans while sitting at home without having to visit a bank or NBFC numerous times to sign papers and other formalities.

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BORROWER should have good credit history, reasonable loan-to-value, and combined loan-to-value ratios. The property market valuation and borrower credit history are the two main criteria here again CIBIL plays an important role. This is also important to avail Home Loan at Lowest Interest Rate from the lending institution. We are the best home loan agents in Delhi and our team of professionals would guide you in this process.

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Following are some key important factors which would be checked by bank or NBFC to accept or reject the home loan application:

  1. Age: At the time of home loan application, applicant must be 22 years or above but not more than 70 years because repayment of the loan has to be completed on or before 70 years of borrower age.
  2. Employment Continuity: Bank or NBFC checks employment continuity of an individual who is applying for home loan. An individual should have 2 years of working experience in the business or employment with form-16 and last 6 months salary slip. A regular source of income, ensure the lender regular repayment of their housing loan EMI.
  3. For Self Employed: You should be a self-employed individual with a regular source of income. You should be a resident of India.
  4. CIBIL Score: A home loan borrower who is having good CIBIL score will get quick loan from the bank or NBFC. CIBIL score is a decisioning factor for sanctioning or rejecting home loan applications.On the scale of 300 to 900, 750 is considered as the minimum rating required to qualify for a loan.

Here are the key steps of ThinkAide Loan Facilitation Procedure Services:-

  • Your first consultation with ThinkAide financial consultant is free; you are under no obligation to take advice or pay any fees. During this conversation we will ascertain your requirements and put you in contact with other parties if required such as banker, property broker, lawyer, architects, etc.
  • Your dedicated ThinkAide financial advisor will follow up by sending you full documentation, describing the level of service and our terms of business.
  • Once you confirm, we taking necessary documents from the client.
  • After complete a full 'fact-find' your financial consultant will, carry out the required research, identifying funding institutions and make a recommendation.
  • If you are satisfied with the recommendation our financial advisor coordinate with financial institution and client to get all requirement completed.
  • Once all documentation completed, we submitting loan application to bank or NBFC, on the best interest rate.
  • Assistance in the disbursement of loan.
  • Once your loan sanctioned and disbursed and loan process has completed, we will be on hand in case you ever have any queries about your loan.

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